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Meet Dr. Bonni Goldstein, cannabis expert and author, and SC Labs, Quality of Life’s independent testing lab. Much of the information came from her book.

The Body’s Control System

Two big words, homeostasis and endocabinnoid define how all animals’ internal environment responds to the external environment. They work just like the computer control system in your car works to keep the car running right.

Homeostasis is “balance” among all systems. That’s when your car is running right.

The endocabinnoid system (ECS) makes the adjustments to keep all the other systems in balance. It has sensors called “receptors” that “trigger” the need for help for injury, inflammation, illness, stress or other imbalances in your body. Endocabinnoids like CBD and THC are made and released from your own cells on demand as a response from a “trigger.”

In all the below statements about specific maladies, it is important for the patient to contact an experienced doctor before beginning use of cannabis. Dr. Goldstein’s offices can be reached through her website at

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