Meet Federal guidelines for CBD/THC food in Idaho – 2018 Farm Bill

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For too long the citizens of Idaho have been misled and deprived of the healing properties of Hemp and its time to put an end to it. Hemp is not marijuana and is not intoxicating!  CBDs from Hemp Oil with the Federally allowed THC levels of no more than .3% has helped millions of people suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and other maladies.


I’ve personally witnessed how it relieved my sisters pain and suffering while fighting stage four cancer, how it reduced and eliminated the side effects of chemo therapy, how it helped her eat and sleep and improved her quality of life in her final days.  I’ve also watched how CBD’s has helped a friends wife, in his words,  “CBD’s has cured my best friends frightening symptoms of dementia.  “My girl” is back again with NO side effects except happiness. Her pain is diminished since taking CBD’s and its allowing us to have quality of life again. Before CBD’s my wife was taking up to 4 pain killers a day to relieve her pain and now they are not necessary. CBD’s has been a life changer and every day pain free is a day we can enjoy each other that much more.”  

Many of us, our families and friends are unnecessarily suffering and its time we stand up for our rights to natural safe alternatives.   Every citizen of Idaho should have the right to healthy options for their care and not be forced to suffer or take addictive narcotics as their only options. CBD’s is not the cure to all disease but it does work for a lot that ails us and needs to be available and legal to anyone that wants relief from those ailments.

Its time to let legislatures know we want the right to choose, and quality of life needs to come before politics and special interest groups.

We need Idaho to legalize CBDs with the legal amount of THC allowed by Federal law (.3% as stated in the 2018 Farm Bill). Hemp is a natural food, not a drug.  

Idaho has denied the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill standards because they’ve stated that law enforcement can’t tell the difference between Hemp and Marijuana, but test kits for law enforcement are easy to buy and carry to test cannabis plants entering the state and products being sold so there is no real enforcement issue.  Only politics hiding behind law enforcement!

Sign this petition to give citizens the legal right to a better quality of life without the threat of prosecution from authorities.  

For more information you can visit the unbiased CBD educational website we’ve created in memory and honor of our loved ones that CBD’s have and are still helping,