Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers have inflammation and joint pain just like any other endurance athlete.  Relief is in sight!  Here’s a testimonial from a champion, Cam McCaul.  He makes me hurt just to watch but he goes home afterwards and plays with his kids.

Staying in the Game

The Albertson Boise Open starts today!  Not all of us can grip the club as well anymore.  For arthritic golfers, relief is available!  Go to for education and for endorsed products and independent test results.


TRUTH IN ADVERTISING LAWSUIT The Hemp Industry Daily newsletter published an article in their July 11, 2020 issue that addresses Quality of Life CBDs’ Mission, truth in advertising.  Please support QOL’s campaign to publicize independent 3rd party testing of CBD products against their claims.  Go to “Endorsements” on the QOL web page at  Canadian […]